@r_hammers how to be a snake


that kid is a garden snake


Why are they endangering the child by putting him near a snake?


Teachin him how to hatch eggs


"Listen always snake people out"


3 peats? Bulls with Jordan..😝


Is he teaching them that in life you should give up on your best friends to seek personal desires


Can u see he's a Buck's fan?


@warriors 73 wins + 🐍 =πŸ’


@thatonekidd6996 salty AF Lebron been on two super teams


@thenatefries hey checkout my youtube video https://youtu.be/mSW-4so3Ymo


Ya see son if you cant beat em join


Why is it always a white kid lol


Is he gonna fake him out too 🀣


"And just like that, you can be the most hated POS in the NBA just like me"




"And when nobody expects it. Step your team a knife in the back and leave for the last years nba winner"


Even in a Greek freak Jersey 😒 @kdtrey_5


I feel sorry for his classmates, no girls for them from now on.


@yrsandra ptdr πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ba bon chance hein !


@jpyrs Mdrrr ouais tes like j’te macrelle πŸ™„ #GS mdrrr j’en dis pas plus


@yrsandra ptdr t vraiment partout la mdr c grille t tombez dessus en rgdant les like de t abos mdr


@jpyrs Mdrrr jsuis partout moi tu connais


@yrsandra mon fils sera plus grand mdr et tu fait quoi sur la page de la nba toi mdr


Teachin him how to be a snake

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