@spidadmitchell uses two hands for safety!

Spectrum Center




@daveiba Lonzo not even top 5 rookie so get out


Whattt hooooo


That boy like a spider monkey


Xddd suena ricky @xinchotee


He needs Lob City Finisher at least silver @nba2k


he should start dunking on 7 footer


Look how perfect the alley was though

@ots.seth I agree Simmons did have NBA training already

@ots.seth i want tatum to get it because first off simmons isn’t really a rookie, he got coached for a year before playing and second of all mitchell isn’t as versatile as tatum

@ots.seth same I want Tatum to have it because he definitely doesn't act like a rookie but Donovan just has so much fire power and we are one day are going to blink and see Simmons averaging 25 points






Not bad rubio-mitchell @gallo.giovanni8


@tysonp801 never said he was bad I just think people are hyping him up too much


@kevin_kjer he dropped 35 in this game, BTW. Poor performance for a rookie, right?


@diego.dionatan vamos chegar lΓ‘


He taking ROTY from my man Simmons. #Sheeesh



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