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your magestic


Omg is michael Jordan omg


Jordan: which way? Dwight: dat way!


@mrc_gt24 che giocatore Howard GOAT ahaha


Hey Dwight look there! That's what a real hall of famer looks like


*Kemba sauces on sombody* Michael: "Back in my heyday I could do that." Dwight: "You? Nahhhhh😂"


Now that’s a worse player


Howard points at McGee* and says “worst player” Michael points at Lonzo ball on a add* and says “ geez that boys brothers are young on must of been born in o for 7”


The greatest player to ever play the game taking time out of his day to talk to some random guy wearing a yellow sweater


The goat and some dude in a sweater


@jnaugh19 hahahahahaha


@jackobyrne13 @jackrice12 what could he possibly be telling him


Dwight and a fan


look at this dude


DH: at half time D me up 1v1 MJ: I can beat anybody 1v1 DH: idk about that. Ask lavar


Dwight Look there’s your girlfriend Michael: No that’s my girlfriend; points at Dwight’s mom


#Balenciaga #yeezy350v2 找我!细节在头像里面!!


@dominicgrubisic17 just because the “popular opinion” of Dwight Howard is that he’s terrible doesn’t mean he is


@dominicgrubisic17 just because he changed teams more times than you’re comfortable with makes him an idiot? Dude is the most fit and most buff dude in the NBA he can beat the crap out of anyone which makes him a good center. Shaq changed teams more than Dwight but everybody loves Shaq


“Yeah I know I’m amazing too “


Defense is on this side, “but I was babysitting on that side”


no Dwight, that's the rim you gotta protect! that other one there is the one you gotta put the ball thru!!


When u realize when u found ur hairline


MJ: "Go back out there and play with some heart!" DH: "Out there??"


He is an idiot

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