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Bouquiniste of Paris πŸ“š

Paris, France

Bouquiniste of Paris πŸ“š




Oh yes, I remember these πŸ˜€


Ma balade préférée les quais et ses bouquinistes. .. 😊 Merci


@vutheara Bouquiniste is wonderful culture of Paris. I love this photo πŸ˜ŒπŸ’•


Perfect place to find books !


Les bouquinistes. .j'adore


I love be little shops like these! I can’t wait to go back in May!


I love these pretty little bookstores next to the Seine. So charmingπŸ’›


@_aj______ i would never have thought these were full of books when we walked past!




Magnifique πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


NΓ£o esquece de mim qdo estiver lΓ‘ @nacluz ! E o chaveiro tbm


Al borde del Sena


@samuelbweeks we'll have to walk along here πŸ’“


Beautiful, is it possible to do the same photo with Bandes DessinΓ©es as the subject, old Tintin magazine/books on stand for example? Or any other characters..


Love these book vendors


I miss these lovely Parisian scenes 😍


@lexiekali I know I live that spot.


Brilliant detail❗️

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