@kporzee and @swish41 sit down for today’s #InsideStuff (7:30pm/et @nbatv)!




@arielyadid זה לא אני שם ?


@morbassan הינה הכפיל שלי


Dirk is a legend total class act. He will be immortalized for his shooting ability.




@redwitdafannypack yeah bro i.hope he does come 2 dallas when dirk retires i swear!


He’s passing da torch... but everyone know da true underlying message 😏


@ademosthenes actually i super stupid when dirk was in his prime he was just as good and could move just as well you act like people gone be young forever


@ademosthenes no it’s because there both foreign players who both are very large power forwards with great shots


These guys would never be compared if they weren’t both white. Their games are not even close to similar.


Mira.. lo q decía yo.. @maurisoto94


Like those guy... 😍


What a pair of 🐐🐐


@royaltbeats Like Porzings always does ?


He actually idolized Melo not Dirk but i guess it gotta fit y’all narrative Porzingiz fav player was Melo as a kid even had corn rolls like Melo it was never dirk


The only goat in this video is Zaza


I love their relationship!!!


@gabe8889 he's great too! I forgot about him. He, Dirk and Porzingis then


Lauri Markonnen get no respek


Probably the two best foreign players in the league!




Nah the next dirk is definitely @laurimarkkanen


@swish41 Let @kporzee know how wonderful it is to play in Dallas for the @dallasmavs.

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