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PINK PEARL 〰️ Metallic pink with red and pink shimmer. Part of our new Prismatic Pearl Multistick collection, available online now at @Sephora #PrismaticPearl




what exactly is this? @sephora


This is awesome!!


I thought this was agua de fresa 🍓 😂


What's what


Hello, my name is Natalia I am 17 years old and I love her makeup, I would like to and I would love to be in the makeup industry and I would like them to send me makeup to promote it in my small state since not many know it and I would like to sell it and show it to you, I'm from the state of Tlaxcala and I like to travel could sell your product to where it goes but please send me the sample first I guess it's free I already have many clients but the problem is that I do not have enough


Can you ship to Perth? I do know that there are Sephora locations in Melbourne


This is SOOOO discusting I thought it was someones insides


When are you opening up a store in Austria, Vienna 🇦🇹 dying to have a Sephora here as there is already existing in Germany 😑


This looks so pretty💎makes me want the whole tub~ it's being 😜mixed in.


This looks like fat and throw up mixed together


Yuk looks like pimples


@sephora what is that?


@haydengd Our private label Sephora Collection is cruelty free. Thanks!


@sephora does your sephora brand test on animals?


@sephora please make one of India's dream come true in the future I hope you will thanks for replying 😊


@xxmithxx We're very sorry! does not ship to India at this time. Thank you.


@sephora do you ship to India if not please do try to make that wish of Indians come true my cousins from America brings products from Sephora and I am loving it


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@bippityboppityohshit Hi there! Fenty Beauty is carried at all Sephora locations. Please contact your local store for additional information about product availability.


@jet_vandijk Sorry for any confusion! We currently do offer shipping to the Netherlands!


@nicole_lynn99 Sorry for any confusion! Flash is still complimentary for Rouge clients! If you're having trouble with enrolling, please call us at 1-877-SEPHORA. Thank you!


@thechiclolita This is part of Bite Beauty's Prismatic Pearl Multistick collection!


@kuro.shiro.jpn These are part of the BITE Beauty Prismatic Pearl Multistick collection


@sephora is it blush or highlighter?


I can watch it for hours 😅


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