Photo by @thatbloom
“I waited. I waited a lot,” says Roland Kraemer (@thatbloom), who knelt patiently in the snow to capture this moment. “I was inspired by the fact that you don’t necessarily have to travel far to take good photos. This was taken almost in my backyard.” #TheWeekOnInstagram

1,515,246 Schwäbische Alb


A touch of mystery 😌


A fairy tale! 😅😅😅


Backyards and seven worlds apart are the same really when it comes to photography n a tryst since it is photography that we go travel for.


Incredible shot!😮


Amazing! ❤️


Yes I agree!!! Eye catcher


Wow it was worth the wait absolutely stunning!!!


Patience is rewarded! Sumptuously!



@cem_omen Oha etiketi şimdi görüyorum bu dayı ya yazcaktım demi







Lugar lindo me lembra em Narnia.





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