@zachlavine8 gets on the board for the @chicagobulls!

United Center




He’s ready


@jordan_keith11 omg another nba player shooting at 11 and not 12


@yigittuncx eywallah biraderim


He ready


@petar_djuricic 18 poena u zadnjoj cetvrtini , ludi Mirota


@duksara to Miroticu srbineee hahaha πŸ”΄πŸ”΅βšͺ️


@ryaneverett22 Chill tf out lol


@tony_l.18 so what? Who cares? That wasn’t a spectacular play. Do u know how many players come back from injuries and score baskets?


@ryaneverett22 LaVine came back from a torn acl and that was his first shot in almost a year


Really? @nba he hit a simple shot. Big Deal! Y’all hate the Pistons


Go Manu to the #Ollgames


@themagdi looking good tho 🀣


@j2klive hahahahaha I play for the bulls now. Still a bench player. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


@themagdi I see you bro! πŸ‘€


Alles eidgenosse mitem rΓΌtlischwur @silvanbamert


Zach LaVine #NBAVote


Travel alert


Bulls have season


@popsidra il fenomeno sta tornando


People are sleeping on the bulls potential πŸ‘€ they got Lavine, Dunn, and Lauri

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