@paugasol and @manuginobili connect for the SLAM!

AT&T Center






Q mostró el manu bendiciones q triste va quedar latinoamérica sin su mayor exponentes en ese baloncesto de grandes nba


Watch out Manu still has those hops


Ohhh Many I can't believe that you're 65!


Man I'm still drunk I've just seen gibobili dunk!!! #legend


@taweichao 重點是那個finish還是40歲的Manu!


@tiziiiana_10 ja das isches.. müemer mal usprobiere


thats sick


I still wish he'd be an Allstar in his last year. If indeed this is his last.


@andyman0716 我在電視上看的這球戰術 有夠猛


Go on og take notes young fellas good to see ginobili taking it to rack show them how it’s done


G throwing it down


@cristiancicerchia se ormai non ha più capelli un motivo ci sarà ... eterno manu


@ebled2 bruh could've been you man


grandpa juice


They do have the fountain and there coming for you 👀


Se vino abajo el estadio


The european move...


@ebled2 please join the Spurs Bledsoe


This man had to lied about his age


Damn he can still dunk 😱


@eliaseddine la old school manda

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