Randy the best!! :)


@rex_10_09 cuz hhh doesn't like small guys


Ys singh brother are world class athletes.. Y wwe are using as fun


Singh brothers are world class athletes but wwe makes them to show as puny guys... I have seen their real wrestling... They are awesome but we all know wwe doesn't appreciate real talent... I feel bad for singh brothers who came with hope of being great and famous and what they are now..... Poor singh brothers... They are being pictured as ellsworth... Pls good lord save wwe from this crisis maybe


@barxa_qadri we should not use curse language.... every wwe prsn deserve to reach on the top.......


randy orten and shaine nakamura is the best team


Viper strikes




Rko 😀 sing brothers you can’t defeat Randy


Very nycc




Man everything Nakamura did liked boring as hell. I really don't see the hype in this dude




Jajaja los perritos de Jinder


Was it a triple threat match betw naka,orton and jinder or tag team ?


Singh brothers deserved that..


Big up🔥🦁Strong always @randyorton


Super mes 2préférer


They look tiny asf in that cage


He fell on his leg from the rope...


History repeats itself

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