Billie Joe Armstrong

This is my nephew Mateo! He’s a great barber! @lil.teo_



@madison_grissom123 fuck off, little bitch


@_thecatbus_ and why dont you just shut your little mouth? Before I throw a box of eyeliner at you 😁


@dorriepartington thought the same thing! Practically twins 👬


And a great uncle


Hi mateo what a cool name


@dorriepartington i thought the sameeee!!!


Hyphy as fuck


his voice sounds like jason nash


@ericarnasonsb Grene Dae in the trap


Dude you sound like my Cuz David Triplet


@caryn_trys_things nah it's just white boi devil magic


@st.gimme lol it's in the Armstrong blood I guess😂


Where's the finish look


i’m gonna cry i thought that was Gazzy Garcia uhjhhhjhhhhhhh


He's really like dude he reminds me of younger Billie and it just makes me happy lol sad he probably like 30😂


It's funny how Much alike they look😂😂


Billie sounds like such an uncle in this.


Luck nephew


@smokem777 Nah just deleting your comments off my profile. Peace ✌️


@ethan.bauche says the man who keeps blocking me, unblocking me, making comment and then blocking...😂🤷🏻‍♂️


@smokem777 Are you still leaving comments on random pics of mine? Fuck man you need to get a life.


@ethan.bauche maybe you and homeboy can cut each other’s hair and talk about anime 😂😂😂😂😂


Stalking my profile now eh? I'm flattered.


@smokem777 I think incest runs in your family bro


@flowermom25 you just made fun of Brain damage. Are you really that ignorant? And yep you dumb bitch clicking on somebody’s private page is stalking. 😂😂😂 welcome to liberal 2018. You looked at me....”raaaaape”


@smokem777 wtf are you talking about? I don't make fun of disabilities or appearance EVER. And stay off my IG account, you freaking stalker.

The end of the page