I’m Starving B❗️




Snackkkk 😋


Come backkk


Come backkkk already!!! 😭


like my pic of you on my acc


Bro I know you gonna at least have 20+ points I'm glad you came back to ny can't wait to see you in person


We need you bro get better fast!!!! 🏀🏀🏀


When will you come back?


Miss you


Need you out there again...at the 40/40. Forever Rook


Awaiting your return and go Knicks


We need you to come back soon Timmy


Can’t wait!




When u gonna be on the floor man.. We taking too many losses without u


We need your Shimmy back ! @timmyjr10


He was thinking about it so I just high fives him while his hand was out


@ethan.king66 no I got him, I was getting passed up




lol you rejected @ethan.king66 from getting a high five because he was wearing a pels jersey today at the game 😂 #savage


We need him


I see you celebrating on the bench, you look good bro. Ready to play or what ?


Recover I still have you I'm fantasy


Good night to you OK enjoy the holidays and good luck with your game of basketball


Need you to get well ASAP. Knicks


We need you back on the court, those were some tough back to back road losses. Game we could have, and should have, won! Your intensity is definitely missed! #knickstape #youngTJ


The hungry eat.


Let him loose


We need you, son.

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