Billie Joe Armstrong

My girl 80 l πŸ‡±πŸ‡§

My girl 80 l πŸ‡±πŸ‡§




Aww, so sweet!


does she have a sister named Mira?Important


She’s so pretty 😍 I wish I was her❀️❀️❀️


Linda Adrienne 😍 mulher que admiro ❀️ deusa ❀️❀️




is so cute <3
80 is very lucky



My country flag


β€œ80 please keep taking me awaaaaayyyy...awaaaaayaeeeeeayyyyyyyyy...”❀️. One of my favorite songs from Green Day.


@heartsleeve88 u grow the fuck up Asshole I have my opinion and its the truth so fuck u if u dint like it ,I didnt say shes a bad fucking person I just dont think shes hot get that,not hot ugly like ur dumb ass bitch.


@chaosreignsok fuck yourself dude, you look very stupid right now


I am not the other accounts you listed not do I go on "other sites" so list away. The fact that you spend so much time compiling lists of what you assume is my behaviour though IS stalking you fucking loser. It just happens you are stalking tonnes of ordinary people because you have no life then accusing them of your behaviour. You are super creepy.


Pathetic attempt to divert from the reality of what I said about Billie being an addict and the kids being exposed to it.


@heartsleeve88 you are a laughable liar. Hahaha.


Peace ✌️ and love ❀️ young people 🀘


Yawn. It's been pointed out before that in fact you are the person with multiple accounts claiming that everyone with an opinion contrary to yours is doing the same as though it somehow invalidates everything they are saying. You claim I'm talking shit about things I "know nothing about". How clueless are you? The entire world knows Billie has been a self confessed addict most of his life. The entire world knows he has children. So an addict lived in a house with children. What shit did I miss?


@m_a_g_a_li And he's been an addict for more than 20 years. Addicted to drugs AND alcohol. Kids were exposed to that. That's on her to remove helpless kids out of that environment if she wasn't as bad as him on drugs and alcohol since he was unable to stop himself evidently. What "theory" is flawed exactly? There is NOTHING admirable about these people.


@blackcastseyes Exactly. He is not a politician or a leader. His a punk rocker. You idiot


@chaosreignsok yet they have been married for more than 20 years, your theory is flawed.


@lolpetewtf My goodness, how hateful. What's wrong with you?


Beautiful woman 😘


@heartsleeve88 *their. Have *their limits. Haha. Keep working on that vocabulary πŸ˜‚


@heartsleeve88 I'm fine right here :) Oh and how sad you can't even think of an original insult. You have to use the same one your precious cocksucker uses on his own fans, "piece of shit". At least he helps to expand your limited vocabulary haha


@heartsleeve88 Yep, @kobralady is obviously a Billie stalker who is so obsessed with him she keeps posting insults to his wife. Very sad.


@heartsleeve88 Pathetic. Projecting what you are doing yourself onto others. Run along kid.


@billiejoeismyprince Idiot nation? haha. Yeah that sounds about right. They've definitely named their fans accurately. A bunch of idiots.


@blackcastseyes your account is seriously cringe worthy. Idiot nation would be happy to have your ass gone and deleted. Once again, Addie is beautiful and not FAKE like you are. Stop acting like you know it all you selfish fucker. At this point, I don't care if you block me. You mess with Adrienne, you mess with idiot nation. People like me would gladly get rid of your ass.


@blackcastseyes please while you're at it go fuck yourself idiot nation doesn't need people like you.


You are scum


@blackcastseyes normal people see through fake cunts like you. Haha


You @heartsleeve88 are definitely the same person as everyone else who has posted in Billie's defence here and in fact you must be Billie as nobody else would waste this much time defending him. Ha ha. Hey Billie.

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