Folky Dokey

Well it's clear to see you guys love you some dusky pastels! See you in 2018 folks have an amazing evening whatever you do and thank you for all your support in 2017πŸ’«
Much love
Gez 😘





@stevie_jay_photography thank you happy new year lovely xx


@jenngarlickphotography Happy new year gorgeous lady😘


@corinnanana87 oh she's an absolute beauty 😍thanks so much 😘


Awww that's my baby girl Isla!! @jenngarlickphotography took amazing photos! And the headband was one of my faves @f.o.l.k.y.d.o.k.e.y πŸ’ž xx


@corinnanana87 look at your baby ❀ happy New year @f.o.l.k.y.d.o.k.e.y 😚 xxx


@f.o.l.k.y.d.o.k.e.y will do! Do you just want low res for Insta so it doesn't fill your inbox up?


@alison_helen ps I'm doing a round up of my brides during the next month and would absolutely love to share some pics of your day. If you're happy to pop me some images to with the photographers name for credit xx


@alison_helen sure is 😘 Happy new year lovely xxx


Woohoo thats mine on there i think (top right)! πŸ’•



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