I wish you were my dad.


love kids.love B,can do without wifey.Sorry,punk rock cant lie to kiss ass or please everyoneor anyone ,only if I want too,lol,true story///u rock BJA.Did I say hot??


So many mean things said about 80 I love you both :) @billiejoearmstrong




Haaa if that's the case Billie Joe Is one SEXY ass 50 year old hippie ;) I'm 21 and I would do everything to him




Happy new years im soooo late lol


You are soooo cuteee♡~♡


You are best! we love you!❤️


Happy late new year billie joe keep on rocking!


Why haven’t you aged


Billie Joe Armstrong Marsicano


Please Billie, follow me @psychoarmstrong


Please billie, follow me @psychoarmstrong


Just realized thats his wife,shes not hot,if he is married to a woman I thought was his mother,as,I always knew I could've had anyone,yes I know shes a good person,and I m sure I am a saint damn it,right place at the right time,wish I had been born in Cali.


How delusional are these fans lol. "Make more cute babies"? The guys a faggot and the hippie is 50. Wake up lol.


Go make some more cute babies 💚💚


What a beautiful family!


I just came here to look at their beautiful faces 😭


Where I click to like two times?


Billie Joe, I just adore you! You are the best! I congratulate you and your beautiful family on the New Year 2018! I wish you good luck, good mood this year, prosperity, and most importantly, health to you all! You are the best! I love it!


@dui_yaw Could you please get your life under control?


That means suck your dick if you have one. Happy life. :)


Suckling your dicko fuccking bliss asso.


I love u


Happy New Year!!- sorry I’m a bit late


Billie quiero decirte que tu me haz inspirado a hacer mi vida mas grande... Junto a ti uniré fuerzas para estar siempre al mando ser independiente y tener con fianza de mi mismo. Te amo


Hey Joseph, why did u delete your Instagram account? 😩😩😩 please come back, I miss your face on my feed 💕

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