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Sliding into your hair care routine? 😉💗🍭 #sugarbearhair

Sliding into your hair care routine? 😉💗🍭 #sugarbearhair




Is’t useful for mens ??


@sugarbearhair does it rly works? And how much time it takes to repair hair and for hair growth


@maria.mari.18 det är den medicin som jag äter för håret


How to Communicate For These @sugarbearhair . Vitamins


@shiva.krimin بگیم دایی برامون بیاره یا تو اگه رفتی برامن بفرس


@waaitwhoisthat Hi Beautiful! If you haven’t already, please follow our Instagram page @sugarbearhair where we occasionally announce exclusive deals and free product giveaways 💕🐻


Do you guys ever do giveaways or samples for the rest of us that are broke haha


@sugarbearhair hire me to translate! 😂 Haha google does not do a good job


@candaceoross Hi Beautiful! There are no known side effects to the vitamins. We do recommend that you please review the ingredients to ensure you do not consume ingredients you may be sensitive or allergic to! 💕🐻


@saphfire7 Hi Beautiful! Many of our customers have reported faster hair growth, but not all! Everyone is different. Some experience faster hair growth and others experience stronger shinier hair ❤️


@pinkdragonfly1957 Hi Beautiful! We offer the lowest shipping prices available to us! 🐻


@saludlindes Hola bella! Pronto queremos tenerlo en español! 💙


@itstherealm__ That is great to hear! ❤️


I started I singing these and I noticed that I was getting breakouts on my head. @sugarbearhair is this a common side effect?


@sugarbearhair ever since I cut my hair really short now it will not grow back really long like I want so will this help?


Shipping and handling is way too high...


Hola, la página no la tenéis en español para poder comprar.


@sugarbearhair it's been a pleasure! I ordered the 3-month supply last 2 years ago and it did wonders for my hair!! 😍😍


@nadia_xa Hi Beautiful! We are only available online. You can find these delicious vegetarian vitamin gummies at! We ship worldwide 🌎 The link is in my profile @sugarbearhair! Stay Sweet 🐻💕


@sayyei14 ¡Hola hermosa! Sólo estamos disponibles en línea. ¡Usted puede encontrar estas deliciosas vitaminas vegetarianas gomitas en! Enviamos a todo el mundo 🌎 ¡El enlace está en mi perfil @sugarbearhair! Quédate dulce 🐻💕


@itstherealm__ Hi beautiful! That’s amazing! Thank you for being a part of the SugarBear family! 🐻💕


@thereehamidah Hi Beautiful! The 1 month supply is $29.99, 3 month is $79.99 and 6 month is $159.99. You can find these delicious vegetarian vitamin gummies at! We ship to all countries 🌎 The link is in my profile @sugarbearhair! Stay Sweet 🐻💕


@nadzlov Thank you so much! ❤️❤️


Where can I get them in Toronto?


@sugarbearhair yup you sure do. I just bought today


Yo quiero!


I need to get back on growing my hair to my desired length I'm definitely ordering the 6-month supply 😩😩😩!! Can't wait to tag you in my before and after posts @sugarbearhair 🐻💕


@tourbillonlifestyle nah but we shld try them- why not


@j.umes ever tried these?

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