Meet: The perfect match to your urban lifestyle.
Learn more about the ConnectedDrive features of the #BMW #1series – with @LinavandeMars.




Nice car 😍💯💪👌👌👌


@narel_ esse carro é muito lindo


What Thé fuck




@waltzinthestreet It will not be available in the US, Johnny.


When will we have it in the US?


Ohhh... that's


Stunning! Amazing shot, follow us for more!


Bringing back the 1 series!?! 😍😍😍


put the n54 back in it and make another 1M in a hatch 2 door


Посмотрите видео вам может понравиться 😍


@gultekincosar Thank you for your feedback, Gultekin. :)


@alexfromarz and VW make the Porsche ;)


@lukepolak remember its a Porsche, not a VW. VW make the SE 😉


@alexfromarz £100k spent on a car he finds very boring 😔😔😔


@bmw Hello good night. Your new Technology makes You like a flying Plane on roads.


@lukepolak he bought the 4S because he does a lot of long commutes and doesn’t benefit from dual wheel drive anymore. He also agrees it’s very boring. Shame having such a boring car at 21 😉


@alexfromarz no point in having Bhp that you can’t use, that’s why your dad bought the 4S ;)


@lukepolak 4 wheel drives are so boring man 😴


@alexfromarz rear wheel drive unfortunately! Unusable power


@lukepolak ahead of the game mate.


Tiene tatuado hasta el zobaco

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