Keep close to nature's heart.
The #BMW #X5.
#BMWrepost @f22bub @bimmer.boy

Keep close to nature's heart.
The #BMW #X5.
#BMWrepost @f22bub @bimmer.boy




How much?


This car has really fell off from what it used to be as far as exterior design. It was a beautiful classic vehicle until you changed it. I actually used to want the X5 not anymore @bmw

The BMW x5 is such a gorgeous car I really love it and we are soon going to bye it ❤️


@bmw OK thanks. In first time. I love u BMW


@naeemomar1 Thanks for your interest, Naeem! Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future releases. Stay tuned!


@bmw is it true f15 will stop production this june and a completely new shape launches?


كتير حلوه


حقآ انها الجبارة والانيقة. BMW


One day it Will be mine Charles


I love Space Gray. I should've chose that over Carbon Black


BMW's greatest ever......the 5 series SUV, sedan and sports M


We have this cat




Wow this car is so amazing if i have your permission to post it on my Instagram i would do it👌

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