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For the last 2 years I’ve been following my passion for the field of sports medicine and sports chiropractic. I’ve been traveling to the USA to gain my training and credentials as a Sports Chiropractor. Going abroad to learn is always such an enlightening experience and has allowed me to learn and develop unique sports chiropractic skills and techniques from some of the best and most knowledgeable sports medicine doctors in the world. After completing my board exams I’ve just received my CCSP® (certified chiropractic sports physician/practitioner®) giving me full qualifications as a Sports Chiropractor in Australia and overseas. A great start to 2018!

925 Los Angeles, California



Nice work!! 👌


Awesome stuff! Keep it going!




Bringing the house down 🙌🙌.




One of the best photos🔝!!


Very nice Dr.






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@chrisknee_s3c How long was the entire course & training before getting qualified? Congrats!


@chrisknee_s3c Your pictures are very good, beautiful, good job Mister ,keep doing what you’re doing, I like this 🙂 And I wanted to tell you: thanks for your like on my post 😎


Like it a lot!




Nice!!! I have scoliosis! It’s definitely not fun or easy, but I had bariatric surgery and lost 240# in 2 years. Was 400# to start! Great work!


You are pretty lucky. Thank you for sharing!


Congratulations! A lot of hard work! I’ve sent you a DM




Great job ! Physio first


How goods this rooster! 🐔


Congratulations honey. Well deserved. 😘


We are so proud of you Chris!! (Bell is mostly jealous she wants you to know) you have worked so hard! love dad and Donna oxox


That is awesome! Keep it up!


Brilliant. Wishing you well and much success


Congrats Chris!


Yeahhhh boy!


Congrats + HNY! Are you in LA?




Congrats! That is my next step too 👍🏻


Nice ✊🏼


Brilliant! Well done you.


Keep up the good work. Happy 2018 to you

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