HammO Hamilton Rogers

Meet the rarest great ape - the Tapanuli orangutan - a #newspecies discovered in 2017. The great apes are a pretty exclusive family, including humans and only a handful of gorilla, chimp and orangutan species alive today. So it’s a pretty big deal to welcome a new member into the family for the first time in almost a century. And what a handsome thing he is! Hailing from northwestern Sumatra, a small population was originally discovered in 1997, but has only now been recognized as a distinct species. Researchers reached that conclusion by way of genetic studies, skull morphology, and observations in the wild of behavior, calls and diet. Unfortunately, with only 800 individuals left the Tapanuli orangutan was fast-tracked to the Critically Endangered list. (Fact Credit newatlas.com / 📷 Maxime Aliaga) #Tapanuliorangutan #orangutan #orangutanfacts #primates #primatefacts #greatapes #sumatra #sumatrawildlife #indonesiawildlife #newdiscovery #nicetomeetyou #animalfacts #animalfactsforstevo



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