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When the whole squad is on point 😏#benefit

When the whole squad is on point 😏#benefit



When all of your company is fine with you testing on animals #benefitcosmeticstestsonanimals


Me fascina


@charisdakota i agree! no sense in putting in a mirror if it's too small to use


Great product, ridiculous packaging. It does not need to be that clunky and impractical for how little product comes in it.


The squad looks broke af too


Please release more blush!




@nikkiraul8987 see ur way ahead of me lol


@__ps89 lol I have all those


Beautiful! πŸ’šπŸŒ±


make a bronzer for darker skin tones please


follow for gorgeous dresses inspiration


Benefit products rock love em all


I have them all 😍


Stunnnnnn πŸ’“


I wantttt 😩❀️


@sol.pic si? De quΓ© marca son??


Love this stuff! Go to.


DesearΓ­a tenerlosβ™‘


Love the product but why do they make the boxes like that??

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