@morgue.fairy rats are the best!!!


His little hands ❤️


It's a really good way to drink without having to bend over like some sort of Animal for gosh sakes!


How cute!


OMG!!! I need a George so bad!!


soo adorable made my day 😘


Oh, those little suckling noises are just so adorable! George is too cute!! 😘😘😘


And I LOVE Prince George !!!!!💙💙💙💙


Awwwww George is so adorable!!!


I couldn't love this guy more!! 💖


This made my day 😍❤️


Hahahha super cute


Hahahaha 😂


Hi George. :) Cute video


@foxy_the_squirrel I didn’t even notice lol


What a precious boy.


He's holding the handle! 🐾❤️


@deeduquette omg I knooow! They kill me!


That's funny! He is so handsome.


That is so cuteeee


Sure is a cute little guy!👍👊


Oh my gosh ! This is so cute !! 😍😍😍 xxx


Love hearing those little lip smacks. George you are just to cute.👏😘💖

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