San Antonio Spurs

Davis was pure 🔥tonight, dropping 28 for a new career-high.

Davis was pure 🔥tonight, dropping 28 for a new career-high.




what a man


Why Davis often play less than 10 mins? He is good 3pt shooter


@jholiday1 haven’t seen that since Jason Collins


What kinda defensive posture is #7 doing?


@holkn and how are they gonna pay AD? Milkshakes and laptops?? 😂


Bertans was killing last night thats all I got to say about that


Best 😛 mūsu zeme? 😏💗


Another epic comeback and win!!! #gsg


@elitefm10 as you can see kawhi isn’t healthy and even when he is healthy he can’t stick everybody , that’s why green is there


@jmc.los we have kawhi for that lol he use to be a good 3 pt shooter he is the spurs weak link.


@dcantu92 keep cheering him on


I knew this guy was raw


yeeeesssss Latvija, Latvijaaaa Dāvis spridzina


Dusko Vujosevic shool!!Gj Bertans!


Golden state is persuing Anthony Davis. Any thoughts ?


@maximuslaximus dude I told you, pure stud


He got some grandpa juice last night!


@ahhbee_ I told you.


Hes got that i belong in the spurs face like klaw, tim, manu, parker, Aldridge, bowen


I like him keep it coming man!




Manu genioooooooo for ever young !!

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