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Monday was a #paisley day.
I'm wearing @happysocks. My tunic and pants are from Zulilly by Azalea they are the most comfortable clothes. Perfect for dialysis. My sister surprised me with a visit yesterday. (She called me last week and told me, but my mind remembered it as next week lol) She took me to breakfast and to hobby lobby. Then she stayed and visited with me and took me to dialysis. She also made the paisley ribbon #bracelet I bought it to make it, but truthfully I would have never gotten around to it. It took us a llooonnnnngggg time to get over childhood dramas but I'm glad we did because I love having a sister! She's even going to knit me a cool pair of socks! She is an expert knitter and quilter so I am lucky. I have many of her beautiful works of art.

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100 Davita Dialysis Center



@dialysissocks I'm sorry you don't like your country so much. I know it was and should be a beautiful country. I hope it is again very soon for you.


@marzieh.heydarii wowww.the usa is beautiful country.i very love country not very good


What part of Iran?


@marzieh.heydarii I'm from the United States.


@dialysissocks utah?is name country or city?


@marzieh.heydarii Utah. Where are you?


Hiiie.where are you from???


U R rocking it Babe!!!


Love your tunic, shades and of course, sox!!


Such a fun pattern! That's my favorite paisleyπŸ’‹


U r truly blessed 2 have a sistet like that..#stayprayedupπŸ™πŸ˜™πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘€πŸ‘€

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