Lina Fanene

Don’t miss tonight’s episode of #TotalDivas, you will see the importance of googling your dates 🤦🏽‍♀️




How you just going to do that to enzo you wrong for that


you're the worst part of the show


Who was the guy with tattoos


Yes you definitely got a Google everybody nowadays but also you have to Google that Lana is the best Lana number one 👏👏


I thought the guy with the tattoos was Corey graves😂😂


Ahh It Wasn't So Bad...


Who was that guy with the tattoos


You cheating on me @niajaxwwe lol


I can’t 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣


@niajaxwwe I want to thank you for portraying what a real woman is in 2018. Your confidence and vulnerability is inspiring to so many women out there that are experiencing so much hate and harassment for not being the typical 5'7 105lb woman that we all see in magazines and movies. For decades women have been put under pressure to look and act a certain way and I was so excited when I saw that @wwe was putting you in the group for Total Divas. You have such an amazing platform to show so many young girls and women that we need to love ourselves and love the body that God has given us. Thank you again for being such a strong, beautiful, and powerful role model for everyone.


@niajaxwwe this episode was everything! I had all the feels. I laughed and cried with you. You are the most stunning woman in the WWE and definitely a inspiration to many. Never get down on yourself because you have nothing to be insecure about. 😘🤗


@niajaxwwe im watching show right now missed it yesterday nia your beautiful i love you girl ur awesome


@niajaxwwe you are so beautiful and being a big girl myself, I look up to you and love how much confidence you have it makes me know I can be beautiful in my own body as well


@ehendrickson2010 He goes by Jonathan West


My biggest inspiration @niajaxwwe ❤️


Was he doing gay porn?? Ugh I felt so bad I thought you had a good one 😭😭😭


@niajaxwwe This is why I like you so damn much. You're fierce, fabulous, and have a amazing fashion sense. You're funny, witty, at the same time you're.... Human. You took a big step revealing your vulnerable side. But a lot of us go through that. That's why you're a wonderful role model. Screw the "plus size" label. You're freaking amazing


This episode really got to me. I wish I had more confidence in made me smile seeing you put yourself out there, I wish I could do the same.😔


Nia u are a very inspiring woman & a great one any man would be lucky to have u


Awww yass!!! i love you queen 😍


@niajaxwwe you are the best diva in wwe


I lost track which season of total divas is this


I love wwe total divas so show I no watch wwe total divas tonight 😿😿😿💔💔🤦🏾‍♀️ I love you so much I hope wwe total guys @niajaxwwe @wwe. @mikeromewwe


This is AWESOME, 💯❤️❤️ @niajaxwwe


So excited to watch! You have been the best addition to @totaldivas -love getting to see what you're all about!


You are very strong👌Have a nice face😉


There are a lot of talented people in this world including you ❤️


nia you are the best good luck


Italy love you nia❣️


Nia...good luck for the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match😘🔥#samoandrop @niajaxwwe


@adamscherr99 @niajaxwwe oh geez. Great! I dont even remember half of that night! Lol


Haha i sooo wanna know whats up w/Nia&dude

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