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Shoulder surgery... Let’s do this!

Shoulder surgery... Let’s do this!




@elizabethmonson sue told me you were having surgery too. Hope all went well and we are on the road to recovery. Jeff Lyon had surgery the same day as me too! All the best for a speedy recovery!


And I’m hoping you have an uneventful recovery. Is that the goal for shoulder surgery?


I didn’t know you were going under this week too! It’s like we are surgery buddies, except different injury, procedure and day... but still! 😊


Praying for a speedy recovery!


Thanks friends for all of the well wishes! The tear in my rotator cuff was much worse than shown in the MRI but surgery went well. On the road to a speedy recovery so that my bike won’t miss me too much!🤘🏼


You're like an old car...every so often they need a tune-up. "Enjoy the recovery"


You got this!!!


Praying for a quick healing ❤️


Get well soon, surfing is waiting


Prayers coming your way!


Good luck!


Soon you'll be as good as new!

Good luck. Hope all goes well. Thoughts and prayers. Looks like I'll be about a month behind ya. 😉


Sending you positive thoughts and thinking of you, Marci Scott and Conner


Good luck buddy.


Good luck my friend!!!


Good luck! I had rotator and labrum surgery last year around this same time. So worth it, I feel a ton better!


Good luck! Wishing you a speedy recovery

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