Amazon Frontlines

A map of the Siona people's territory where Amazon Frontlines works. ⠀

The Siona nation once inhabited a large territory in modern-say Ecuador and Colombia. Since the massive displacement caused by the rubber boom and slave trade in the late 19th century, the Siona nationality in Ecuador has been split into three regions: Aguarico, Cuyabeno and Putumayo, with each facing a myriad of threats to the survival of their territories and cultures. Their population numbers approximately 400 people sparsely settled in several communities.⠀

Amazon Frontlines is working alongside the indigenous organization Alianza Ceibo and the Siona communities to implement projects to defend the Siona's rainforest territory from illegal incursions by outsiders.⠀
You can learn more about Siona resistance and our work by visiting:⠀

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