Summer bodies are made in the winter. It’s not too late to start. #fittea #fitteadetox




Is there a result without working out ?? .. Just drink it !!


For this tea to work is it compulsory for you to workout? Or can you just drink it without working out?


@mrs.mariahx2000 i love it it does help when you feel bloated and out of energy


@haajarah407 have u received yours yet? because I haven’t even gotten a confirmation for my order


@boy6ixty9ine boleh mnm dgn ice?

@mrs.mariahx2000 I tried and it dose work .


Can you order it on because i live in germany and i can't order it like this😊


@rosed69 you should probably drink it during your workout or on the go it’s most likely more affective


@fittea why is everybody complaining about your shipping being delayed?


Your tea is too expensive


I am still waiting for my order since 24th january and it hasnt arrived yet??? @fittea


Where can I find it in Jordan


What’s the youngest age recommended


Interessante 😉


Can someone please tell me if this tea actually helps loose weight ? Preferably a customer who has tried it xx


I am still awaiting my order since 12 december.


Can you take this with multivitamins?


Can you take this with multivitamins?


I need this water bottle!!! 😩💙✨


😱I need this water bottle


@fittea thank you.


Currently trying the 14 day detox. Started today. Hope it works.


Can you drink fit tea everyday?

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