Bruce Weber

A welcoming cloud above Golden Beach.

A welcoming cloud above Golden Beach.




Beautiful ✨


Lindo thanks!!!


Amaizing pic! !! πŸ‘


Fenix in the sky !!


The angels are descending.


great post


Looks like you caught these angels in the nick of time


Great. Not many photographers would think to include the overlapping palm branch ...


Looks like Angels


Angel wings


Amazing formation as well!!


Angels in the clouds


...or chemtrails!


Clouds are the most pacifying sights.


Does anyone else see a #falcon with its wings up?


ЧудСсно! πŸ¦…


That's beautiful!




True CIRUS !


Had these down here in North Beach. Amazing


Oh that’s so beautiful I’ve never seen clouds do thatπŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

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