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Ed, 2018
We just photographed Ed for a new friend in our pop-up studio on Saturday. We delivered a 44x60” print to @havensfineframing yesterday. If you look carefully, you can see the skilled hands of @callieshell holding the print. I can’t wait to see how Ed responds to a 5 foot tall image of himself. If you are in Charleston, you can see a print of Ed at our show tonight at @fritzporterchs, he might even be there for the opening.
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perfect ❤


Gorgeous! I have an Ed. Same age just coloring is black body with golden brown head & legs. Love these dogs 😁




Love Big Ed! The print is perfectly sized for his personality.


Simple and stunning, thanks




@cap_tank_brightlight hahaha See, shows you how much I know about the breed..hahaha I’ve never seen a Norwich this color.


@tucker_barkley2017 lool no Westies are pure white but similar looking.. all from the same family. I have two westies!


@cap_tank_brightlight at first glance, I thought this was a Westie..haha


@guillaumesieurac tu te rend bien compte qu’ils sont moche par rapport à FBI


Beautiful! You should photograph Westies too!! :)


@lanacarolinesa mentiraa! Eu querooooooooo


@nalimsorsetti olha que sonho esse quadro!


@_cafecaro_ I need a pic of Bambino like this 😍


@irismilie this is pretty much the best page on Instagram.


@hectorbunce look at these doggy portraits 😍


Beautiful photo👌🏻


OMG! I have a Norwich. Best dog ever. This a beautiful.


What a beautiful Norwich Terrier!!! 💙


Ed is adorable! Such a handsome fellow. Cairn🧡, is he? He looks so much like my beloved Bentley, a Westie.

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