It's fun to watch others being drunk

It's fun to watch others being drunk




@feisalfeyze I have plenty of those.


@linnearuden Här hittade jag en!!


We got the best schnapsidee @glodz_19


@mei4522 as you wrote this a few days ago and have no answer to it: not exactly. It translates to liqueur-idea and means just every bad idea (which, of course you can have when you’re drunk but even when your sober) it’s just so bad that only a drunken person could come up with that


@abby.hurtis hahahah xD every time


When we decided to stop being anti social @rheaaviet15


Is it true @marco_1106 ?


@nelyher98 yes that’s the translation of it - it describes a really bad idea 😂😂


JAJAJAJAJA is this true @_sebastian_se_ ? 😂😂


@irisnijemeisland en in het algemeen als iemand een domme idee heeft 😂


Like making phone calls??


@isafredrika working hard, first import next week


@isafredrika haha, I say work in progress


@sittingbullen @toby_creature @novembergronn still, what happened to the swedish taco/snus shop? Just saying.


It also describes an idea that is not good. You say ''Schnapsidee'' for ideas that will not work. (When ur sober, too 😂)


@kbitrakov so @staninovaa otvoreni sme za predlozi i porano


@anapepeljugoska @staninovaa до Белград ќе се чека?


@staninovaa looking forward to it❤️


@anapepeljugoska we’ll check out the true meaning of the word in BG :)


This is why I want to learn German, it's so darn complex and challenging.


@livvy_saurus ja, einfach ne richtig blöde Idee XD ob betrunken oder nicht ist relativ wurscht ^^

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