Pavlov’s Corgi & Dog Memes 🐶🐾

Best comment on today’s @pavlovthecorgi picture gets a shoutout on tomorrow’s meme page story ❤️

2,466 Santa Barbara, California



@kieraroutledge yeah dogs talking memes are adorable 😂


@saint_nigel I also love ones like these 😂😂


@ronjahelenaedit dankeee😍😍😍


@rriikkaah u welcome for this corgi meme


Where's the doggo? Think your meme has error


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@josh.fung bamboozled again

u tot dis was a comment, but it iz a compliment, heckin bamboozled


@chichifaulkner I tot he was planto 🤦🏼‍♀️


H*ckin Powerup: Camo corgo doggo




Poor doggo became a pothead.


But the corgo sudden realized he wanted to be a tater toto


Achievement Unlocked: camo level SNIPER


Shit. Bamboozled again.. 😹 @random._.peper


@peter.sghj bamboozled again!!!


😭😂 bamboozled


@naibird I think you’ll enjoy this

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