Game of Thrones

Same, Sophie. Same. 😫😍

Same, Sophie. Same. 😫😍



@sterlinw I would crawl through broken glass just to have a 30 second conversation with these two.


@angeletaa8 estos si q son ojazos


@reinemanuella toujours dans l'exagΓ©ration mon bΓ©bΓ© πŸ’–πŸ’ž


@chloepradou pas plus belle que toi ma douce ❀️❀️❀️


@reinemanuella Putain mais l'actrice qui joue Marjorie est grave belle


Sansa X Margaery


@uzategui_ tΓΊ y yo, a ver si me tiΓ±o ya jajaja


Their relationship was cute afff🀧😍


@ccurr97 Yup pretty much 😝


Sexy mommas like it


Hello my Sansa


Aaaah they're so good


They look like sisters


I have never seen Marjorie smile. Geez. Smile kid!


Sometimes she looks an awful lot like Boy George


The same eye colour πŸ‘Œ


Need episode 8 sesion 7



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