Chris Paul

Teammates for a few years but FAMILY for life! #WeTalkHoopALLDay #Mr6thMan #WhatsUpFam

Teammates for a few years but FAMILY for life! #WeTalkHoopALLDay #Mr6thMan #WhatsUpFam





@cp3 he ain’t family after trying to fight u in the playoffs


@stevencampbell11 no. will not happen.


@jessicaklimes The face you make when you realize your old buddy Jamal is going to bounce you in the first round of the playoffs


Where is this?


Trying to say you not an all star prove them wrong in the playoffs


How about Blake 😂


Danielcraun22 add me on snap 7.6 k views shout out for shout out


CP3= best point guard in the game


Yall were both of my favorite players on the clippers 😤 it's all good doe yall balling out this year too well deserved


Top 5 PG of all time


j crossover


How about Blake Griffin???


Well at least he's friends with one of them


If your not busy can you take this survey for my statistics class. Link is in my bio and thank you 🙏


How about Blake?😂


Jamal Crawford and CP3 , two favorite players of the game .


I love you Chris paul


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Brevemente Brevemente 6 cs go cs since i am e a pessoa mais i pessoa mais i pessoa mais i tu não tem nehum jogador


@cp3 watching the Golden State game and I am realizing your underrated, ball handle 🔥 and your vision on the court to find open players is unreal. You make everyone play better 🙌🏾🙌🏾 ~ from an NBA fan who loves the game

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