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Shining through 😍😍😍
Picture by ✨✨@neyu_ma✨✨
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Photo by @Joelsartore

This is a critically endangered helmeted hornbill, found only in Sumatra and Borneo, with rare residence in the Malayan peninsula and southern Thailand. Unique to this hornbill species, the casque of this bird is solid ivory, and because of this they have been heavily poached in the ornamental trade. The hornbill’s casque, or “helmet”, allows them to pick up and manage food, helps to resonate sound when calling, and it has been suggested that the hornbill can also use the casque like a hammer. Another threat to this species are native peoples in the Malaysian Peninsula, who hunt them due to the belief that their casques can protect them from evil spirits. The Penang Bird Park in Malaysia where this bird was photographed works to conserve this species and breed them in captivity. This bird is one of two helmeted hornbills at the park that were saved and donated by a local lumberjack who found the female and a her baby in the tree while he was working. Knowing how rare this species was, he made sure to deliver the hornbills to Penang, where they have been carefully taken care of and kept healthy since their arrival. #Photoark #helmetedhornbill


Wrapping up a crazy long weekend in San Francisco at the Outside Lands festival with @chase Sapphire #ad⁣⁣⁣
Between seeing Janet Jackson play Rhythm Nation live to stuffing my face with lobster rolls ⁣⁣⁣
I managed to find some solace from the crowds at the Sapphire Lounge. Sapphire cardmembers were granted exclusive access to⁣⁣⁣
the Sapphire Lounge, which transformed into a culinary haven with local hot spots for food and beverage pairings every day of the festival at 6pm for Sapphire at Six 🍻😀 #chasesapphire #sapphireinsider #outsidelands


Photo by @deevitee
That feeling when you’re juuuuust too tall for #WHPhidden.


When you’re super cute in your new bandana and you know it // 📸 @justmillinaround


Fotografía y texto de Octavio Aburto - @octavioaburto | Mi visita a los manglares de Monterrico, Guatemala, fue espectacular. Junto con el equipo de National Geographic, tomamos una pequeña embarcación y navegamos por los canales de la laguna. Además de manglares, el ecosistema de tular es impresionante. El tular y el carrizal son plantas que pueden medir hasta tres metros de altura, son parecidos al pasto de las casas, con hojas angostas, y forman áreas densas en zonas pantanosas. Los lirios al lado del tular estaban floreando y sus flores moradas contrastaban increíblemente no solamente con el verde del pasto, también con el blanco de decenas de garzas que nos encontramos en nuestro recorrido. Sin duda, una postal para el recuerdo.
#NGXplorers #Garza #Colores




[ #WorldElephantDay ] Distant Thunder | Photograph by Deborah MacEwen
“I was flying to the Okavango Delta in a little three-seater plane, scared to death to open my eyes,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Deborah MacEwen, “but when I did, and saw this wonder, my fear left and I started shooting. An experience of a lifetime!!”

“This is fantastic, this is so epic. Even without the elephants, this photo would be gorgeous — the textures in the landscape is beautiful. love Your Shot photographer G. Luvztigger's comment: ‘Sometimes the things that scare us the most, can also open up the greatest possibilities.’” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)




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