42 pts against hornets for trey


Go green




no body be a fucking hater and Tim resign to ny


Wtf is wrong with u


@richierich1984 there was a video where giannis said it was a bad pass and he was just going for the ball, he didn’t even see Tim until it was too late


@ledkod lmaooo @___gweg read the comments


Why are you playing like a fucking hack bro?


@iphonehub.bali I know I’m not a bandwagon. Gay cunts like you like to point gingers a lot hey😉


@benlschmidt u still a bandwagon fan tho 🤣


@benlschmidt u too mate, have a gday


Got that ass dunked on... nuts all in ya mouth type dunk 🌝


@iphonehub.bali did I say I’m a bandwagon fan. No. So, go back to Bali and do your iphone hub shit. Have a good day


Got yo ass bodied dickhead! 😂😂😂


Yo ass need god


@benlschmidt take this L u bandwagon😂


Weak ass nigga giannis son


Gone too soon 😔🙏❤️ HOW DEM NUTS TASTE 👅


@iphonehub.bali bloody oath I do, is there any problem with that cunt?


@national.don on god this nigga dissing the whole state of Michigan he goofy


I already know you gonna come back 9x stronger and kill shit 💯


What hurts me the most is like why would he dunk on you, I mean dunk over you with no consideration to what will happen to your I.G. in about 12secs after. It's like what's wrong with this world. #HealTheWorld #MakeItABetterPlace #WhyGiannis


How does greek food taste😂


you had a good run in this world


Rip ur instagram

The end of the page