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One of the many times Gwen bucked😂 (completely my fault, my reins were wayyyy too short! I kinda feel bad) A raw and possibly an edit will be posted soon❤️
Qotd: have you ever been bucked off? If so, what’s the story??
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Twice. Got straight on a horse , just in a halter and he had his rug on. Bucked me off. And when I hopped on a horse that hadn't been ridden in ages, bareback and in a halter and got bucked off


@_neda.13_ oh ok 😂 nice one beau




Never bucked OFF but defiantly BUCKED so many times


Omg so many times


@_neda.13_ did you fall off?


Yes, on Beau at SunnyBrook Stables, I started to Canter than he started to gallop and buck

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