Martin Edström

This is Mira.
She's one of the refugees who was (and might still be) stuck in the bottomless bureacracy of Europe because of the #refugeecrisis. At the time she said she was content with the treatment from the authorities - but as she said this while sitting locked up in a concrete detention center with nothing but bread to eat, I can't feel she meant it.

Me and my colleague Erik Paulsson Rönnbäck met her in Ta Kandja, the detention center in Malta where people who arrive over the Mediterranean were kept for 3 months before even given the chance to apply for asylum or a temporary work permit.

Being back on Malta purely for climbing over New Year's was a very wierd juxtaposition with impressions from this previous trip, another reminder as to how there are two completely different sides to our society: while climbing at the beautiful limestone cliffs, we were not even 3 kilometers away from the detention centers where people's futures are decided for them.

I look forward to go back and follow up on her story.

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370 Ta' Kandja, Malta





Beatiful shot

@martinedstrom than you. Yeah, her eyes are quite something.


Beautiful photo and beautiful subject!!

I look forward to your update too. What a beautiful shot ......


Moving photo

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