Martin Edström

Ta Kandja detention center, the first building people entering Europe through Malta get to see. This is where the majority of refugees and migrants are taken upon arrival over the Mediterranean, set in detention for 3 months.

It's basically a large cubic room with an equally cubic courtyard; no windows, high walls. This is where you wait for the big decision: if you're going to be deported back to Africa or the Middle East directly, or if you get a chance at applying for asulym into the EU.

This is one of the places that really haunt me, as it epitomizes the story of a refugee - a fellow human being in flight: it's as far from a home as you can get.

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241 Ta' Kandja, Malta





It did! Keep up the good work and meaningful content!


@rbrunphoto thank you. It's indeed a very difficult subject - and not what people natively expect on instagram. But I hope it gets through to some people.

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