Loooving this awesome gift from @Tatcha! Can’t wait to use this gorgeous Japanese pot to make something amazing! Love you guys!!!!!
They also sent me an incredible book on pastries and desserts!
Somebody pinch me! #japaneseclaypot #japaneseculture #claypot #beautyandfunction #sothoughtful #thankyou 💜






@makeupmatthew you have to report back!!


@jennychohair amazing i’m so excited


@kokobahler I’m so excited!!!! i heard you can make bread in them 😍


@namijoy omg really!!!! It’s so amazing i can’t wait to learn


Delicioso 😋


@makeupmatthew The best makeup artist in the world 🌍, the best apple 🥧 👨‍🍳 and now this! Omg Mathew when are we having that 🍷 in Montreal? 😆


I use my donabe almost everyday! You can make bread in it too!


My mom LOVES her donabe!!!


love you, friend! can’t wait to hug you and @yoliglo on tuesday!!


We love you, Matthew! Enjoy! 💜


Nabe night is my favorite!


What I’m in love 😍 ✨ @makeupmatthew @tatcha

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