London's Beacon👆
Your commutes not so bad when you get this view on the platform I guess!🌃
Let me know where your daily commute takes you🌎
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Great urban shot!!!!


One day I was thinking exact same thing standing on this platform 😂😂😂 didn’t do it though 😂😂 now I can see how great it would look 👍🌟😎


I am a lover of this type of shooting in the stations or rails. This shot is exceptional from that angle, the Shard building
It looks amazing 😍✌️ That skyscraper! ... 😊


Roof - building parallel - Great!


Beautiful shot ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️


What a spot! Can’t wait!


@bookonin cheers Naomi, hope you had a fab weekend! Enjoy Bath 🇬🇧😁


Superb shot Dan 😍


@shutternomad appreciate that matey, have a good night!


Dude this is seriously sick man nice work


Sick framing bro. Great work with leading lines


@ascendity thanks ever so much!!


@serentripidy thanks you, very kind of you!

@danmarksuk so kind fella, thanks!


Lovely , leading lines


Oh Damn This is next level 😍😍😍


Amazing feed😍

Brilliant shot Dan. Great framing 👏


@ruffdraft appreciate it a bunch dude


@ethanvr__ so cool there isn't it!!


Nice POV! 🙌


@danmarksuk Sure! Let me know when you’re free ✌️


Very nice shot


nice one dude! got off here earlier 🤣


@emilvisuals thanks a ton, it was lovely to see!


Nice lines man


As always the composition is so good!


Lovely tones, so beautiful!


Super nice ☕️


@j.xplore Cheers boss, have a top weekeend!


@hendrik_ohlsen Thanks man, so glad you’re liking it!

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