vincent j musi

I’m back. Join us February 8th for new work. @fritzporterchs #yearofthedogs

I’m back.  Join us February 8th for new work. @fritzporterchs #yearofthedogs




This page is both adorable and fascinating. ..I love it..for someone to show this much love in animals. .I wish all Africans had this kind of mentality too that even animals deserve some love...most animals end up dead because of wrong mentality or evil beliefs..cats are beaten to death because they represent witchcraft..dogs can't be part of the family they only provide security for us..I wish there was blessed 🐶🐩🐈🐱


@lucinahsu es genial jejeje🤗


@fernan.dogs me muero de amorrrr


@lucinahsu look ..fotografo de perritos 🤓


Love all your work with those charming dogs 💙


@drspalding I’m following him now!! So cute!


@mc.kurphy omg kc I think you'll love this guy's year of the dog posts :-)


Amazing work


@hhatch31 I love this photographer!


@hossein_photostories عکسهایه این اکانت رو نگاه کن. ا


@lindysiutran think he’ll take a picture of @nikothepompug lol


You’re a great photographer


@prabeshreez check out this photographer's profile


@kelsiewells_11 it is!! I love all the dog pictures!


@jensynp his page is so fun


A play date for Leily


That tongue! 👅

The end of the page