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17lbs down in Deana's first 90 day challenge
Meet Deana she started with us 3 months ago and has had amazing results so far
Only after a short while of giving birth she and her fella decided to start up their fitness journey even though they knew that at xmas everything would go tits up with their nutrition
But like they said if they didn't start when they did they would be further away from their goals
Yes they did enjoy xmas with eating all the festive foods but Deana has pulled it back round and is looking amazing
Another huge feather in their cap is that they have getting the family involved to help out with looking after the little one so they both can attend the 6.15am session

Not bad for a mum who is still up every night feeding the sprog
Having obstacles like kids in the way of your own health is an easy get out but if you really want it then you can always find a way
Making the time for you isn't too much to ask
Here are this ladies results so far
17lbs down, 5" from her waist, 3"down on her hips, 2 1/2"down on her thigh and her fitness levels are through the roof
She has been an absolute pleasure to coach and cant wait to see her results in the months to come
Massive massive well done!

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Adorable 🙌😊

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