Bass is awesome

Bass is awesome




@fernie21belmonte Awww 😍 Qué hermoso


@jayceebeegee my goodness! 😊 πŸ’• πŸ˜… para ponerle all about that bass 😍 y que lo disfrute


Aaah!! Ya entirndo pq la fascination con bad bunny!! @fiorellaperlloni


@jclemeschi minha mΓ£e nΓ£o gostava de musica




@thaasette vc ficou numa sala em silΓͺncio


I'm all about the bass, no treble.


That’s me


@elegant_disaster_ that would be awesome haha He can be anything he puts his mind to. I just know he will do big things!


@cgstonedsilly he just diggs music! Thats awesome! Maybe he's gonna grow up to be a famous musician? Lol. You never know! 😁


@elegant_disaster_ I have some friends that produce beats and I have been listening to those and he freaks out! My little beat man πŸ’™


@elegant_disaster_ although he does like the high pitched sounds


@elegant_disaster_ probably! Haha he sure likes it!


@cgstonedsilly maybe that's why Eli is so in to all the beat driven music you're showing him 😊


@rictrumpet all about that bass;)


@eleena.mathew that’s why my voice has such an appeal


@namankedia153 Don't you play the bassβœŒπŸ»πŸ˜‚


I love bass!

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