Bass is awesome

Bass is awesome




Oooooo vegans


@thehomeyvibesss this freaked me out


They know. . .0-0


Checkmate Vegans


Can someone please help me to figure this out?


@anushkadevr I just think distress from a primal standpoint is different as opposed to deep and developed feelings for a loved one in humans. Their volition to protect young is just what they’re supposed to do. Simply what I think, but I do respect your opinion. Recently I’ve been steering away from meat, just for other reasons.


@anushkadevr I’m simply curious, I’m just saying biologically humans are the only creatures capable of crying due to grief, perhaps you mean metaphorically?


@anushkadevr I mean, animals don’t have emotions.


Thats scary


@anniecdc you’re basically torturing plants. Those poor souls


@juliet_sb plants do have feelings!


@_1radka_ we’re monsters


@karansoam ok but no matter what the environment isn’t gonna stop doing what they’re doing to animals so I say it’s not worth it


Yeah vegetarians 👽🤢

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