They just keep trying

They just keep trying




@sabah_bazzi واثقيين من حالكن 🙄


@julee_tron yup and I get yelled at


@magicallystulicious ♡♡♡♡. Drop the mic.


If this not true


Ya lo tenía asumido... @celia.rz


@ritanasr always knew you were a man


So what are you telling me lol @sal_bebad that you ain’t funny ?


@sabah_bazzi اييي نعم 😜


@omar_darwisha @yaman_zabad @yaserhamit @maria_omarii اكبر دليل انو نكتي انا و ماريااا ناار


@jaanhaviii_ maybe I'm a live example 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆


Dude u can't just say "a study found" and think it's definitely true, maybe they forgot some factors, but I'm not dineing that woman can be funny, but there's also studys showing men are funnier and I can link the page if someone wants to. Can 8factapp also link their fact source too?


@maribooe heiheihei! Vertfall fem🖐️


@dddahle e kan tæl dæm på to fingra ✌️


@maribooe ta der he i ikkje trua på, alle vitsan mine e hysteriske🤓


@tusharrathi45 firstly it's Estela🙄we have a useless sleeping partner @milonishah6


Soo ur too funny then?Michelle ..hahhaaaa


Estella please let it be @miloni_30 @milonishah6


@roydepassey what can I say? There is a fact in fact! 🤔


@milonishah6 hahah clearly not tushar.. @tusharrathi45


@milonishah6 hahah clearly not tushar.. @tusharrathi45


@_cardz_clari_ exactly ...u people are too conscious.... Always worried abt it make ups ...sheeshhh 😂😂

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