Folky Dokey

> G R O U N D H O G D A Y <

In Pennsylvania today Punxsutawney Phil will decide if Spring will come early, In Glossop Derbyshire I look for Pussy Willow 🌱 and it's looking good!
Probably just Global warming though 😫 Happy Friday and another excuse to watch Bill Murray in action ❤️




Stunning 😍 are some of your roses fresh?


I want this for myself. Absolutely stunning 😍😍😍


@amandasharris I certainly could lovely xx


Could you replicate that into a bridal bouquet?


Stunning x


@brookepembo awww thanks lovely 😘❤️


Oooooh I LOVE this one! 😍👏🏻😍👏🏻

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