Treat your friends with respect.

Treat your friends with respect.




@jovan_kujundzic Actually, It's In Romania and it is"frate,frate, dar branza e oe bani


@melanieschottert vriendschap is vriendschap... Maar kaas kost geld


actually it is in Serbia and it is:Bratstvo za Bratstvo,a sir za pare


@kunaalsehgal dhyaaan se padh. Baar baar padh. Padhte reh. Aur dimaag mein daal le yeh baat.


@bozhi_ ti imash nai mnogo pari.






@bharathrajeevan cheese costs a lot of money and so does food at mic mac


@martinia_s look at the old maps of Dacia. O big part from Bulgaria, was part of Dacia. The Romans conquer just 10% percent of Dacia backdays. So, we have a lot of clues that romanians are the ancestors of many things like language, inventions and a lot of stuff like idioms


@kethoseno so satisfying


@mhasi_kiso reminds me of many things we discussed😝


@ritaziade98 did you know that ? 🙄


@anil_vs point ki raara rei Madhapur


@lu.c.4r sorry professor!!😅


@anil_vs 😐 sorry, didn’t get you!!


@lu.c.4r you wanted to question this after so much time!! #youknoweverything 😂


@anil_vs what do you mean?


@moin_995 I've never heard of this saying 😁😁


Same in România


@mbraudrick haha yeah, have forgotten bout this one :D Another one is "Clean debts - good friends" :D


@stavrev865 и по света ни разбраха 😀


@_iuliaioana proverbul e ‘frate, frate, da’ branza-i pe bani’. Asta cu prieten nu stiu de unde a mai aparut ca pana si un search pe google te trimite la ‘frate, frate’


@roxanargn Eu tot cu "prieten" ştiam

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