Think logically about emotional things.

Think logically about emotional things.




@nikitagupta.__ bt okhn think ou korte parram na....๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘


@checkskanda hahaha. So you know how you're an instinct driven person. A gut-feel kinda guy. So this is saying when it comes to understand people's feelings it's better to go with facts and logic than with instinct. Which is probably why sometimes in the past you haven't been able to get a feel of others' feels towards you, because you rely on instinct.


@swatisambrani I am not able to interpret this itself really


@ruwerra how am I suppose to react?


@checkskanda Ahh so this is why it's so hard for you!


@flovatore just saying


@boeldahlsturedahl รถversรคttning tack


@christineap8 I know I want sources all the time when I read this stuff


@euphoria_iii its more like when you're trying to guess what the other is feeling, you'll be more accurate if you think logically based on facts rather then being like "I just have a feeling he/she feels this way"


can someone describe this in different words :/ im not smart


Lovely words


Only if it was that easy๐Ÿ˜‘


@cara3banana I have no idea what does it mean


@bharat1297 this why you single


@poons_23 yeah ...yeah we did!!


@neelaksh_8 no re.. I meant we got a validation


@el__len now you understand?


@vikram_sarveshwar Iโ€™m the biggest emotional thinker there is. And hence my wonderfully sad life.

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