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Wow can’t believe it’s February already. One of my goals for this year is to work smarter. This is because last year I had a few moments where I felt like superwoman again and went a bit nuts without taking some time to rest and breathe. 🙈So this year is all about setting new boundaries, journaling each morning before I get up and remembering to go slow and enjoy each moment. What goals did you set for this year ? .
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I’ll do that, but you really should learn to reply to any tweet sent to you complaining about a product, that’s what companies do nowadays, also you still haven’t replied to two messages sent to you via the message box system on your website and one email sent to contact@ohso.com - all in all embarrassing customer service.


@gibgod hi there if this is regarding an order please contact onlinesales@ohso.com and they will get back to you. I hope that helps


Do you ever reply to your emails or Twitter account? Your service is abysmal


This is so beautiful! 😍


Delicious 😍

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